"Some describe it as an obsession but I like my motivation. Every day is the same routine, but by no means all days become equal, is to wake up and go straight admire that picture of you, close your eyes and remember the tune that is in the tone of your voice, thinking of you during my day and order to return to the starting point. I might as well get tired of these thoughts, this routine you, but there are things that make us stronger, that give us strength and they do well. I never thought I was capable of loving someone so much that he knew the least of my existence. I've had many "idols", and as always, was gradually ceasing to be a true fan ... But you're different, I feel it is! As much as I try to like someone else just like I like you, I can not, is impossible. I do not know and I can not free myself of my love for you. "I'd give anything to touch you, love you all for once ... I've settled, lively imagination, only I can not hide that I'm jealous of the sun can warm you, I envy the wind that touches you. I'm jealous of those who can love you, who can have you forever"

Two fans of singer Justin Drew Bieber of Brazil! :)
This text was done by us, please credit any thing I have picked up this tumblr. Thank you, xoxo! <3


“Cause everything starts from something, something would be nothing, nothing if your heart didn’t dream with me where would I be If you didn’t BELIEVE.